COVID-19 Protocols

Image shows closeup of hands at a faucet, washing with soap. betterATbeing Alexander Technque has scrupulous COVID-19 protocols.
  • betterATbeing is committed to maintaining an environment that provides for the best possible health outcomes. We also maintain the best possible learning conditions. 
  • In-person, hands-on lessons (conducted masked, with impeccably clean hands) are the only service on offer at betterATbeing. We do not teach remotely. This is because we can offer you the very best learning experience only by teaching hands-on lessons

how to decide if in-person lessons are safe for you

  • The health protocols in place in the studio make hands-on lessons as safe as getting your hair cut at a salon. If you have already returned to using the hair salon or barber shop again, you are ready for safe, in-person Alexander lessons.
  • Your teacher has been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. She conducts lessons individually, not in groups. and the practice has been reduced to just a few students until the pandemic abates. All students have been vaccinated.
  • If you are immune-compromised or aged 65 or older, or are living with someone who is, the best choice is to stay at home. We recommend that you use your own good judgment, and do what is best for you. 
  • The whole point of AT lessons is to improve your quality of life. betterATbeing strives to create the healthiest and most effective learning process available anywhere.

wellness and masking

  • Anyone who is not feeling well, in any way, should stay home, and may not visit the teaching studio.
  • Students, teacher, and all those visiting betterATbeing, are required to wear masks.

hands-on lessons - impeccably clean hands

  • Before entering the teaching studio, everyone must wash hands in the washroom. We ask that you use the 20-second hand-washing process, then apply hand sanitizer on re-entering the studio. 
  • The teacher undergoes the same double-cleansing process each time a student arrives.
  •  All tables, chairs and high-touch surfaces are wiped down with hand sanitizer before and after each lesson
  • Gloves are available to students and teacher.