lift your spirit

A wonderful "collateral benefit" of practicing Alexander Technique is that the process promotes a lift in mood at the very same time that you experience an upward lift throughout your body. This results in a greater sense of well-being.

Alexander Technique helps you cultivate an alert yet calm quality of attention akin to Zen mindfulness. You become aware that you are creating and guiding your own experience in the moment, as you take charge of yourself and thoughtfully navigate the world around you.

Practicing AT is both soothing and stimulating. It is a particularly welcome bonus for those of us who need strategies to manage depression and anxiety.  The process offers an ever-available detour from the vicious cycle of worry and negative self-talk, encouraging non-judgmental self-observation and freeing the imagination for new ideas. Regular practice of Alexander Technique allows you to revisit this enhanced state of awareness as often as possible, opening up new avenues for self-development.