Meet Elizabeth


hands-on Alexander Technique lessons with our AmSAT-Certified teacher

Qualified & Committed

I'm Elizabeth Hurwitt. I'm telling you about myself because choosing the right person as your teacher will shape how you experience AT. You need a teacher who is right for you.

My teaching practice, betterATbeing, is certified by the American Society for Alexander Technique (AmSAT). My AmSAT teaching certification is a license and obligation to practice expert care, which begins with taking care of myself.

Born to Care

I was born into a family of doctors. My mother was a public health pediatrician, and my father was a psychiatrist.

I grew up believing that nothing in the world was more important or interesting than other people: paying close attention to them, understanding them, and helping them. I still believe this.

My Training

I completed the AmSAT-approved, 3-year training (1600 hours) led by Tom Vasiliades, director of Alexander Technique for Performance and Development.

I am currently pursuing post-graduate studies with Tom. 2019-20 was my fourth year assisting Tom in his in-person course at The Juilliard School Evening Division.

My practice of AT is informed by Tom's post-graduate training with John Nicholls and Walter Carrington. I am grateful for and empowered by this teaching lineage.

Walter Carrington's Way

Walter Carrington is revered for preserving and communicating AT's principles, formed by its founder F.M. Alexander. Carrington's teaching reveals the postural muscles' engagement with the whole body's web of elastic, opposing pulls. It promotes a widening as well as a lengthening back, freeing the rib cage for deep and natural breathing. The teacher's inquiring, guiding touch speaks to the entire individual with each placement of the hands.


Hands and Words Working Together

My very first job was teaching creative writing to high-school students, and I have been working with words ever since. Although my hands are paramount in teaching Alexander Technique - and Tom has trained me to use my hands with great care - my ability to come up with the right words to describe our work is especially helpful to my students. Every lesson is a new conversation between two nervous systems: my own and my pupil's. Together, hands and words can say more than either one can do along.


I Want To Thank You cropped

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, was orphaned at sixteen, and at seventeen went to college at UC Santa Cruz. On graduating, I moved to NYC's Upper West Side and soon joined a church choir full of trained singers and actors. That time, place and community set me on a new path. Singing became increasingly important to me, so I took voice and Alexander Technique lessons, while working in publishing, legal management, and music journalism. I became a performing arts executive, helping to shape and sustain a few of the small but brilliant companies that add their own sparkle to New York's great concert-giving scene. Today, in addition to teaching AT, I serve as Development Director of Copland House, a unique creative center for American music based in Aaron Copland's historic home in Cortlandt Manor, NY. I live in lower Manhattan with my husband Elliott Hurwitt, a music historian.

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