Student on table getting hands-on teaching. betterATbeing has satisfied clients.
Kyle Liebowitz

“I had the great pleasure of studying AT with Elizabeth for a few months just before the shutdown. I was working in busy, high end restaurants, and suffering from back pain and incredibly sore ankles -- making walking nearly impossible after coming home. My lessons with Elizabeth made a massive difference. Not only did all the pain go away, but so did the stress . . . I could always feel a sense of relief from our sessions. More importantly, she gave me the necessary skills to take it with me on my own. Thank you, Elizabeth!”

Shax Riegler
Magazine Editor

“I always look forward to my weekly sessions with Elizabeth. She is a gifted and thoughtful teacher. I leave each lesson feeling more attuned to my body—more settled and grounded, but also almost taller somehow. And I carry that feeling with me through the following week.”

Kathleen Shelby

“I found Elizabeth to be an empathetic and intuitive teacher, and she makes learning the Alexander Technique a joy. Elizabeth was able to creatively adapt to my particular needs and make a real impact with each lesson. Working with Elizabeth will help you feel more in tune with your body and movement, and enable you to make long-lasting changes to stop habits that create and perpetuate pain and discomfort.”

Ronnie Dieterich
Hair Stylist

"To say Elizabeth and Alexander Technique have totally changed my life is a complete understatement...I feel as though Elizabeth is giving me the tools to live more consciously in my body, ultimately giving me the power to heal myself (and live more pain free!) And while Alexander Technique may seem mysterious at first, Elizabeth leads her practice with a down-to-earth warmth that is palpable...with plenty of clever analogies along the way. I’m never short of “aha moments” every week. Cannot recommend enough!"