Stand up to anxiety

Image of a woman wrapped in a shawl, cradling her head in her hand and holding a mug, looking dejected. betteratbeing Alexander Techqnique can help you manage anxiety.

It's hard to know where to turn, when depression and anxiety cloud your thinking.

But AT can help.

Alexander Techique can help you manage depression and anxiety. And in combination with other treatment options or alone, AT can help you reduce the scope and duration of mood collapses or anxiety attacks by giving you tools to guide your own thinking productively for self-care. You need to use all the tools at your disposal to combat anxiety.

Depression and anxiety are dangerous

Anxiety underlies 99% of alcoholics' drinking disorders, and research associates it with with depressive disorder over 75% of the time. It can adversely affect the nervous system in micromolecular ways. This can increase inflammation, amplify pain and accelerate health problems. And these problems can include high blood pressure and high blood sugar, so anxiety can ultimately lead to poor circulation and organ damage. Depression and anxiety can also cause you to restrict your own breathing, so your respiratory functioning can be adversely affected as well.

Do better under stress

Alexander Technique can teach you how to lower your own stress levels. You can use your AT skills to stop reacting to stressors with self-defeating tensing and holding, which give anxiety a lock on your spirit. AT can help you quiet your reactions and choose healthier behaviors, from moment to moment and over the long term.

Engage fully in life

Consulting your doctor is very important. Your doctor may recommend anti-anxiety medication and or other clinically directed treatment. Addressing the underlying cause of the problem can be critical, because this will prevent the cascade of negative effects that chronic anxiety can unleash. Medication is often key. But AT can be an invaluable tool, in addition to medication and other treatment, for managing anxiety and depression.

AT can help you reclaim your wholeness and integrity. So when anxiety threatens to distort your perspective and disrupt your life, AT can make a real difference for the better.