Stop hurting

Image of a man sitting on a hotel-room bed, holding his aching back. betterATbeing Alexander Technique can help you overcome back ache.

When pain is business as usual

Many common aches and pains can be greatly reduced or even eliminated by learning Alexander Technique. So can some more serious issues like chronic back pain and neck ache. This is because our everyday habits of excessive muscular constriction may be causing the pain or making it worse. We don't know how we are hurting ourselves until we observe our negative habits in our AT lessons. When we become aware of the harm we are doing, then we can begin to change.

AT has an excellent track record for reducing back pain, supported by widely corroborated anecdotal evidence as well as clinical trials. And unlike some treatment options, trying AT lessons with betterATbeing doesn't put you at risk of making your pain worse. You will be taking part in a very gentle process that is not based on forceful manipulation of limbs, joints, or vertebrae. It has no negative side effects. Most of the work you will do in your lessons is carried out by you, yourself, with your own improved knowledge of how to use your body and mind for your own good.

Go see your doctor. It is always a good idea to seek professional advice when you are in pain. But see an AT teacher too.

Image of a woman working at her laptop on her couch, one hand on her aching neck. betterATbeing Alexander Technique can teach you how to use your body better when you are working, so you won't end up hurting.

AT can be an added help, and sometimes a life-changing step, in pain management.  It is particularly important to investigate what AT can do for you if you are considering surgery.  You need to know how much of your pain is within your own power to ease and prevent.