Time, money and value

Taking Alexander Technique lessons is an investment of time and money you should consider carefully. It is important that you choose the right teacher, so you will have the best possible experience and satisfying outcomes. Look for someone well-qualified, and then, in your first few lessons, discuss your goals and see how comfortable you feel working with your teacher. Since you will be partners in this learning process, the fit should be a good one. When you select your teacher with care, the time and effort you put into your lessons will yield helpful results.

Hands-on only

betterATBeing is proud to offer a high-quality Alexander Techique learning experience, in the form of private, hands-on lessons. This is the most effective, and cost-effective, way to learn the Technique. We do not offer virtual lessons. We've made this choice because we feel that the teacher's hands are her most important tool for conveying the deep experiential learning exchange required for teaching AT. We will offer in-person group classes from time to time to give students a lower-cost introduction to AT principles, but private hands-on lessons are our core offering.

How many lessons?

How many lessons you will need depends on what you are looking for.

One lesson will tell you quite a bit about Alexander Technique and how it works.

Three lessons will introduce you to AT principles you can practice yourself, and help you decide whether to invest further in a more advanced practice.

Sixteen lessons have been shown to be helpful in radically reducing back pain.

Thirty lessons can give you a strong grounding in AT work that you can put to use in your everyday life and continue to build upon.


Setting your goals for Alexander lessons is comparable to embarking on playing a musical instrument. The process will require practice, and the length of study is directly related to what expectations the student has for mastery.

Think piano lessons. Do you want to be able to play one easy piece, or do you want to pursue a concert career, or something in between? In each case, practice between lessons will be key to continued learning.

How much does a lesson cost?

It costs $65 for one one-hour lesson.

Discounts are negotiable based on an advance commitment to multiple lessons.

Meeting at least once weekly and practicing in the interim will help you retain what you are learning and give you more value for your time and money.

Meeting twice or more per week, if scheduling permits, will greatly increase your proficiency.


For more information or to schedule a lesson, contact us at betterATbeing