work smarter, do better

MediumsizedNeck Pain

Whether your most important activities happen at the office or somewhere else, Alexander Technique (AT) can help you can tackle them without pain. while enhancing your performance. How? By making you more aware of the unnecessary tension and unhelpful postures you may be assuming unconsciously. Using AT, you can maintain mindfulness in activity and do your best work without distorting your body. If you work at a computer, your arms and eyes are probably pulling you forward and down. You hunch over, forget to take breaks, and forget to breathe.  Ergonomic furniture doesn't really solve the problem. And the discomfort you feel affects the way you feel about your work.

what you do can hurt you

People in certain callings are especially likely to be hard on their bodies, because the type of work they do requires long hours in difficult postures. Dentists, surgeons, videographers, hair stylists and plumbers all have their own particular kinds of aches and pains.

Many other professionals, in all different kinds of specialized fields, find their routines leave them sore and stiff at the end of the day. Alexander Technique can be especially helpful to them.

the things we do for love

What about the sports, hobbies and domestic tasks you care about? If your favorite kind of work is cooking a superb meal at home, you may nonetheless be finding that food preparation isn't the joy it used to be, thanks to an aching back or stiff hands. AT can help. Or if you are house-proud but find your usual chores or do-it-yourself projects are taking it out of you, AT may make all the difference. Or if your morning run or gym routine is beginning to have unpleasant effects on your joints, AT could be the answer. The simple things that give us pleasure deserve our best efforts, but they shouldn't leave us feeling wrecked. That's where AT comes in.

do and feel your best

The bottom line is that serious work, and serious play, should be challenging, not self-destructive. But what can you do? Just giving up a hurtful activity isn’t always an option. It may be crucial to the task at hand, a duty to employers or family members, or essential to making your living. And feeling you have no choice but tolerating discomfort can add emotional stress to your physical discomfort.

Whatever you do for a living or for fun, Alexander Technique can offer strategic alternatives for doing it smarter.